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Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council
PO Box 78 County Hall
0300 123 6701

Point of contact:

Arts Development Team, 01772 533040,
Grants Team, 01772 533756,
Environmental and Community, 01772 530650,


Lancashire County Council has three principal funding schemes for voluntary sector groups; central gateway grants, local member grants and local initiative grants. There is also a fourth fund, the Rural Lancashire Development Fund, which has been available in the past, however, it is unclear whether it is still open to applications- please contact the Rural Business Support Team on 01772 536600 or via email at if you have interest in applying for this grant.

Voluntary, community and faith sectors grants and funding

Local Member Grants

Each county councillor has a budget of £2,000 per year to award under the Local Member Grants scheme. They can award funding to groups that benefit residents from within their electoral division.

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Local Initiative Fund

The Local Initiative Fund offers an opportunity for Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisations to apply for funding to help deliver local and Lancashire County Council priorities.

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Central Gateway Grants (now closed)

The Central Gateway Grants (CGG) scheme offers an opportunity for organisations to apply for strategic funding in order to help deliver Lancashire County Council's strategic priorities. The CGG Scheme for 2014/16 is now open for bids across Lancashire and just over £725,000 is available in 2014/15 and over £670,000 in 2015/16.

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Young People's Service Grants Scheme

Annual grant awards from Lancashire City Council's Young People Service are awarded to support local third sector organisations working with young people.

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Art Development Funding

The council has fund available to support variosu types of arts projects across Lancashire. Please note that applications for 2015/2016 are now closed, however links to the various funding opportunities are regularly updated.

For more information, please visit the council's website or contact the Arts Development Team.

Environmental Projects Fund

The council administers three grants schemes to support loval voluntary initiatives across Lancashire. Particular attention will be given to projects that:

  • encourage people to be healthier
  • encourage a significant amount of local people to shape and look after their local environment
  • create or improve walking and cycling routes to schools, shops, businesses and green spaces
  • create or improve green spaces
  • bring previously developed land back into public use
  • increase visitors to Lancashire through green tourism
  • support communities to generate renewable energy
  • reduce energy bills

For for information, please visit the council's website or contact the Environment & Community Team.

Many local authorities are now moving away from grant-making and beginning to use commissioning as a way to distribute funding to the third sector. Local commissioners can be difficult to find and identify, however NAVCA have created a guide that may help: 'Finding your commissioner'

Voluntary Sector Funding Pages:

Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector homepage

Useful organisations:

West Lancashire CVS

Lancashire County Council provides a range of funding opportunities for voluntary sector groups. Comprehensive details of all funding schemes are available on the council's website plus contact details, application forms and guidance notes. The Voluntary, community and faith sectors grants and funding page is extremely easy to find:

Benefits & grants- Grants & funding- voluntary, community and faith sectors grants and funding page.

A lot of useful information is provided, including tool-kits to help groups applying for funding and a glossary of useful terms. However, the information is sometimes out of date.

The council were also very helpful during the research and were happy to answer any further question from voluntary sector groups in the future.

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