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Point of contact:

Joanne Glaysher-White, Voluntary Action Oldham - Development Team, 0161 633 6222,


The Oldham Council does not administer any grant scheme, but otherwise here is a list of funding ooportunities available to local charities and voluntary organisations for community projects.

The Voluntary Action Oldham

The Action Oldham Fund 2015 is administered by "Voluntary Action Oldham". Small grants up to £1,000 and larger grants up to £10,000 are awarded to support project that improve the quality of life of Oldham residents and promote wellbeing and a sustainable way of life.

Please note that you need to be a VAO member to apply. Applications deadlines are:

  • 2 October 2015, 12noon for applications for small grants
  • 4 September 2015, 12noon for applications for large grants

Further information is available on their website. You can also contact a amember of the Development Team by phone at 0161 633 6222 or e-mail at

The Voluntary Action Oldham also runs others small grants schemes:

  • Respect Our Community Award which have been designed to enable the communities of Oldham to be as imaginative as possible when trying to resolve issues of nuisance that affect them in the area where they live. For more information, contact Joanne White by e-mail at or by phone 0161 770 3796
  • "350" Community Cash Award which offers small grants up to £300 to new or existing local projects. For ;ore information, contact Jane Glaysher-White.

Many local authorities are now moving away from grant-making and beginning to use commissioning as a way to distribute funding to the third sector. Local commissioners can be difficult to find and identify, however NAVCA have created a guide that may help: 'Find Your Commissioner?'

Voluntary Sector Funding Pages:

New Deal for Communities (NDC) website

Useful organisations:

Voluntary Action Oldham:

Oldham Council is currently distributing one voluntary sector grants scheme, which is only applicable to a targeted area of Oldham that has been identified by the New Deal for Communities fund as in need of extra support. Information on this scheme was difficult to find as was not clearly-signposted to from either the website's home-page or any other significant pages.

However, we have found the staff at the council to be very helpful.

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