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Community grants

It has been necessary to suspend the Community Grant programme following a decision at Full Council on 17 February 2016 to consult on potential changes. The suspension will remain in place until the outcome of the consultation is known.


Community Grants were previously awarded to voluntary, community and social enterprise groups and Town & Parish Councils through the Council’s Local Area Committees. In February, the Council agreed to replace community grants in this form with a scheme of Member Awarded Funding. This consultation enables affected groups and organisations to influence the way in which this new scheme will operate.
It is essential to ensure that this new scheme meets the Council’s legal obligations, and that it provides transparency and clarity for local groups. The scheme also needs to safeguard public funding in a proportionate manner. These factors have been taken into account in developing the proposals contained in this consultation.

This consultation is open from 21 April 2016 until 15 July 2016.

The results of this consultation, and proposals for the new scheme, will then be considered prior to adoption by the Council.
You can tell us your views by visiting the consultation page here.


Groups can still register with the Grants on-line system until the outcome of the consultation is known.

You only need to register your organisation once to be able to apply for our grants. If things change, you can update your organisation’s registration details at any time.

The following policy documents must be provided with your registration:

governing document

equality and diversity policy

safeguarding policy

the most recent set of accounts

Organisations cannot apply for a grant to cover the cost of an item that has already been bought or for a project that has already been started/completed.

Useful organisations:

South Gloucestershire CVS


All voluntary sector funding is dealt with by one department, the Community Engagement Team.

The information for voluntary sector funding on South Gloucestershire County Council's website is easy to find and contains full contact details and criteria around the funds, although some of the information is out-of-date as it refers to the last funding round.

The Community Engagement Team were very helpful and happy to take further enquiries.

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