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Susan Rybak, Community Grants Community Resources Officer, 01429 523474,
Fiona stanforth, Community Regeneration Officer, 01429 523278,


Hartlepool Borough Council makes grants to voluntary sector organisations and community groups through the 'Community Pool' grants programme. The programme funds core costs, mainly salaries of key members of an organisation such as a manager, assistant manager or an administrator.

The programme works on a rolling programme and accepts applications as and when they arrive.

The key aims of the Community Pool are to support the VCS to undertake activities and projects that clearly reflect the aspirations, aims, objectives and priorities of the:

There is apprximately £40,000 available for this grant scheme which is aimed to help VCS organisations to invest in and develop their organisations. In the past the programme has been used to support the bulk of the core costs for the local Citizens Advice branch, with £80,000; however this is an exception to the usual grants the council make.

Details of the 'Community Pool' grants programme including eligibility details and how to apply can be found on the council's website here.

Northgate Community Fund

A new grant scheme to help improve people's information technology and computer skills. This initiative forms part ofan agreement between Hartlepool Council and Northgate Public services. For the next seven years (from 2014), there will be £30,000 funding available for local organisations involved in improving people computing and digital skills.

This grant scheme is only available to organisations operating in Hartlepool Borough

Guidance on the application process and how to qualify are available here.

Many local authorities are now moving away from grant-making and beginning to use commissioning as a way to distribute funding to the third sector. Local commissioners can be difficult to find and identify, however NAVCA have created a guide that may help: 'Finding your Commissioner'

Voluntary Sector Funding Pages:

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Useful organisations:

Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency:

Hartlepool Borough Council currently only have one grants scheme for voluntary organisations, however the information provided on the website is clear and concise with relevant documents and a named contact.

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