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Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Town Hall
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Point of contact:

Sarah J. Barker, Grants and Policy Support Officer, 01422 392318,
Steve Martin, Administration Assistant for Small Grants, 01422 392317,
Voluntary Sector Commissioning Team,
Finance Services, 01422 393699,


Calderdale Council administers a number of grant schemes to voluntary and community sector groups. The schemes are as follows:

Community Festival and Event Fund

The Community Festival and Event Fund supports Calderdale based groups that are organising cultural events and festivals. The fund totals £25,000 and will run from November 2013 to April 2015. The maximum grant award is £5,000 and can be made to any individual festival or event.

Discretionary Rate Relief

Discretionary Rate Relief supports voluntary and community groups in Calderdale by paying part of or their entire non-domestic rates bill. This service is open to all voluntary and community groups who pay non-domestic rates on property in Calderdale, and is in addition to the mandatory rate relief awarded to registered charities. Any enquiries relating to discretionary rate relief can be made to the council's Finance Services.

Larger Grants Scheme- Voluntary Sector Commissioning 2015-2018

This scheme has been set up to support work that the voluntary does, in particular for work that supports the outcomes and priorities of the Community and Business Change Directorate. Priorities are as follows:

  • to support infrastructure services for a thriving voluntary, sector including promoting community action and volunteering
  • to support advice services, including giving people access to information and advice on benefits services, financial inclusion and other issues affecting their health and wellbeing
  • to deliver a Local Healthwatch which addresses the three key functions of: influencing, signposting of health and social care provision, and advocacy to support individuals and NHS complaints
  • to support cultural objectives of the Council as expressed through the Cultural Strategy
  • to support universal and preventative projects around Communities and Business Change themes.
Small Grants scheme

Grants are given up to £3,000 to projects that can help the council achieve its mission of making Calderdale a 'clean, safe, attractive and thriving area for people to live in, work in and visit'. Priority is given to groups with an average recent income of less than £10,000 per year, and to projects that help to build stronger local communities.

Grants are awarded four times a year, by the following deadlines:

  • 1 May
  • 1 August
  • 1 November
  • 1 February

For information on all of the above grants go to the Grants to voluntary organisations section of the Calderdale Council website.

Many local authorities are now moving away from grant-making and beginning to use commissioning as a way to distribute funding to the third sector. Local commissioners can be difficult to find and identify, however NAVCA have created a guide that may help: 'Finding your Commissioner'

Voluntary Sector Funding Pages:

Grants to voluntary organisations

External funding support

Community Grants

Useful organisations:

The West Yorkshire Local Development Agencies partnership (WYLDA)

Calderdale Council's website is well set up and easy to use, with information on third sector funding located under the following route:

Community and Living - Grants - Grants to Voluntary Organisations

The information provided in this section is concise and informative; deadlines are given for the whole financial year, as are grant limits, aims and objectives of the programme, eligibility criteria, application timescales and forms, guidance notes, checklists and details of previously funded organisations.

The information provided is also well-maintained and kept up to date, demonstrated by notification of grant schemes that have recently closed.

The council also provides information on external funding support.

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