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London Borough of Barnet Council

North London Business Park (NLBP)
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP
020 8359 2000

Point of contact:

Ken Argent, The Grants Unit, 020 8359 2020,


Barnet Borough Council administers a Corporate Grant Programme for voluntary sector groups, offering grants of up to £10,000 to help either;

  • set up a new project or activity in Barnet in response to identified needs,
  • or with specific events, purchases or other non-recurring items of expenditure.

The council also administers a more general scheme which consists of a variety of grants and contracts with the voluntary sector. Start up and one-off grants are available for a period of one year and may contribute to core, capital and revenue costs.

Grants are administered on a yearly basis and are generally prioritised towards groups that work with vulnerable people and those at risk of isolation i.e. refugees and older people. However, each application is reviewed on its own merits.

To qualify for consideration, applicants must show how a proposal aims to achieve at least one of these criteria;

  • support people to be independent and lead active lives
  • strengthen individuals’ resilience in challenging times
  • promote health and health outcomes
  • support people in changing behaviour (such as substance misuse or physical inactivity)
  • promote mixed communities (ensuring residents continue to feel that Barnet is a place where people from different communities get on together)
  • help to make sure that Barnet remains a safe and healthy place to live, work and study
  • reduce crime
  • reduce inequalities
  • create the conditions for children to develop skills to develop skills and acquire knowledge to lead successful adult lives
  • protect and enhance the natural and built environment so that the borough is clean and green
  • promote waste minimisation
  • ensure that town centres are vibrant places where business can thrive.

For more information see the council's website.

Many local authorities are now moving away from grant-making and beginning to use commissioning as a way to distribute funding to the third sector. Local commissioners can be difficult to find and identify, however NAVCA have created a guide that may help: 'Finding your Commissioner'

Useful organisations:

Barnet Community and Voluntary Service Council:

The council website is fairly easy to navigate, and the grants page is easy to locate, however there is no information in this section around the grant programme that the council manages.

More information can be found on external funding and central government funding opportunities by following these links, but only the arts and children’s services are relevant to voluntary sector organisations.

Despite the limited information available online, the grants unit were very helpful and informative.

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