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More sources, more commentary, more analysis than anywhere else.

Governmentfunding.org.uk brings together all the regional, local and national government funding schemes in one place – incredibly time-saving. It also includes independent grant administrators and European sources and keeps you updated on funding rounds coming up.

Governmentfunding.org.uk gives you a real advantage in securing funds from government sources. Simply enter search criteria specific to your cause and location and find the relevant schemes to apply to, and most importantly how to apply.

“All the funds in one place updated very quickly - so much easier than searching numerous websites. Extremely useful - we’ve secured funding from two streams found on governmentfunding.org.uk”

Calvin Moore, Notting Hill Housing Trust

Features of governmentfunding.org.uk include:

  • Over £2.2 billion of funding
  • The Funder's Menu enables you to see funding from Central Government, Independent Grant Administrators, European Sources and Regional Government
  • A ‘Coming Soon’ feature tells you which funding rounds are expected to open to applications in the near future
  • Search functions so you can find the most relevant funding for your organisation by the type of funding you want (e.g. small grants, loans, contracts)
  • Search for funding that is only for voluntary organisations
  • Access toLocal Government Fundingincluding funding opportunities from 150 Local Authorities in England and a range of other local funding sources for voluntary
  • Funder Ratings compiled by DSC researchers and governmentfunding.org.uk subscribers to let you know what to expect from each of the government funders listed on the website