Rating Government Funders

Through researching and running governmentfunding.org.uk for over 8 years, we’ve learnt a lot about the way government funds the voluntary sector - some good, some bad. Either way, we’ve got plenty to share about what to expect, how to get the right information and the best way to approach funders.

Ratings have been awarded based on five indicators which we think are essential for every funder to make their funding accessible

  1. Availability. Does the funder make available all the information you expect and need to know?
  2. Contacts. Is there typically an appropriate person to talk to, with knowledge of the funding you’re interested in?
  3. Clarity. Is their information of funding digestible to the average reader?
  4. Relevance. Is it clear who the funding is aimed at and how the funder decides who receives funding?
  5. Applications. Is the application procedure fair and clear?

We’ve rated nearly 200 of the funders featured on the site, covering European, national, regional and local government funding. Simply click on the funder you're interested in to see their rating.

We need your help

Our ratings are by no means a final verdict, just a starting point to begin discussions about the voluntary sector’s experience of government funders. We are inviting all subscribers to share their experiences and contribute to the DSC Funder Rating. If you would like to share your experience, email us at: info@governmentfunding.org.uk.