A to Z of funding (V)


Value for money

The idea that public services should be based on Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. Now being replaced by Best value.

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Vision statement

Similar to a mission statement, which states the current position of an organisation, a vision statement should set out what an organisation hopes to become in the future through communicating its core values and purpose.

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Voluntary organisation

A non-statutory, non-profit, or non-commercial organisation. Voluntary organisations are also usually not set up by law.

A voluntary organisation may use volunteers, or all the work may be done by paid staff; what makes it voluntary is that the legal responsibility for the organisation rests with a group of people who are not paid and who choose to be involved (often called the Management Committee or Board).

Other terms used for this type of organisation are voluntary sector organisation (VSO) and voluntary and community organisation (VCO).

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Voluntary sector

Sector which brings together all voluntary and non-profit organisations, as opposed to the statutory sector or the private sector. Often referred to in governmental dialogue as Civil Society.

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Voluntary sector cuts

Following the economic recession the voluntary sector has suffered many cutbacks in public spending.

The website www.voluntarysectorcuts.org.uk is designed to map the affects of government cuts across the UK.

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Volunteering England

Volunteering England is the national volunteer development agency for England which came into operation on 1 April 2004. The agency was formed as a result of the coming together of The Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering, The National Centre for Volunteering and Volunteer Development England.

Volunteering England works to promote volunteering as a powerful force for change, both for those who volunteer and for the wider community. The term volunteering is understood to include formal activity undertaken through public, private and voluntary organisations as well as informal community participation.

Contact Details:

Volunteering England
Society Building
8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL
T: 0845 305 6979
E: volunteering@volunteeringengland.org
W: www.volunteering.org.uk/index.htm

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