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Unincorporated organisations

An unincorporated association is a organisation set up for non-business purposes which is not a legal entity in its own right. It is treated in law as a collection of individuals. This means that the individual people who manage the organisation can be held liable as individuals for the organisation's debts and other claims against the organisation. Because the group is not considered as a 'body' in law, an unincorporated association cannot hold property or land or investments; individual people (called holding trustees) have to hold things on its behalf.

An unincorporated association is likely to be governed by a constitution (however informal) or be set up under a trust deed.

Voluntary organisations of a certain size (particularly those that employ staff) often become incorporated in order to limit the liability of the Board or Management Committee members.

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UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, is a charitable organisation set up by seven leading organisations that promote social entrepreneurship. It was given an endowment of 100 million in 2002 by the Millennium Commission. The interest is used to fund awards and support for social entrepreneurs and to undertake research into the impact of social entrepreneurs on society.

Unltd has a Head Office in London and also has bases in Birmingham, Bradford, Northern Ireland (Belfast), Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh) and Wales (Cardiff).

123 Whitecross Street
T: 0845 850 1122
E: info@unltd.org.uk
W: www.unltd.org.uk

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