A to Z of funding (M)



The idea that the funding of services for particular groups of people (and the services themselves) should not be separate from the mainstream. For example, there shouldn't be special pots of money to ensure that there is race equality or gender equality in public services; rather, race and gender equality should be core features of any services delivered by public bodies.

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Management accounts

The accounts that an organisation produces for its own purposes (for instance, quarterly figures that go to the Management Committee) rather than the accounts it produces for others (such as, the Annual Accounts for Companies House or the Charity Commission). The form that management accounts take will depend on what information the 'managers' want.

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Management Commitees

See Board of Trustees.

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Match funding

Some funding programmes will only award funding dependant on others also contributing - either the group's own fundraising or other grants or earned income - this will then be 'matched' with the same value

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Memorandum and Articles

See the entry for governing document.

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Mission statement

A mission statement sets out simply and directly what an organisation is trying to do.

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Monitoring is the regular, systematic gathering of information about an activity. See also Performance Indicators. Monitoring is about counting and measuring, without particularly making any judgement about the results. In contrast, evaluation is about interpreting the results.

Some funders have their own monitoring systems - for example a form to return every three months giving numbers of users, or a statement of how you have been spending the money.

Monitoring can be vital if your funding is related to outputs. For example, in these sorts of arrangements you may not get back money you have spent unless you can show that you've been dealing with the "right" sort of trainees or users.

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Businesses that are owned by their members. They can operate as employee owned, co-operative or wider social enterprises. They can include include joint ventures with government or other parties.

See Cooperatives.

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